How to save your holiday photos

Do you agree with me that going on holiday is an opportunity to have fun and take lots of photos? Sadly your SD card is full and your hard drive is about to explode, you need a safe place to store your photos! Find out how you can save your holiday photos with Memopal.

Download and install Memopal on your computer; select the folder that contains your photos, and within minutes all your photos are saved.

You can access your photos at any time by entering your Memopal area with your username and password.

In the “Photos” section, you can find a photo album with all your photos organised by year and month.

If you prefer to view them exactly as you have them organised on your computer, just go to the “Backup” section and browse through directories to find your folders.

Once you have uploaded your photos on Memopal, you can then share them with your companions or friends that stayed at home, to show them what a great time you had!

You can invite your travel companions to access the shared folder and modify the stored files, for example by deleting or adding selected files, or you can send your friends a link from which they can only view or download the folder and its files without altering the original content.

Memopal is the best solution for CryptoLocker and other Ransomware

What would you do if someone stole the pictures of your family or confidential data of your customers?

Do you think that is unlikely? It is happening to millions of web users. How can it happen? Simply by clicking on a file attached to an e-mail. Memopal is the best solution for CryptoLocker and other Ransomware.

With Memopal you can feel comfortable. Memopal takes care of your files by creating a copy on its servers. In the event that you should get a virus such as CryptoLocker, you can recover your photographs, documents of your customers to the version prior to the virus.

More than 1 million users worldwide have chosen Memopal as a way to secure family photographs, customer data that could not be recovered if lost.

Here’s how you can protect your data from virus of the Cryptolocker family using Memopal:

  • Download Memopal
  • Install Memopal on your computer
  • Create a free account and start protecting your files, you can access files protected with Memopal from any computer connected to the Internet via your credentials from smartphone and tablets iOS and Android.

How to retrieve files after taking the Wanna Cry ransomware

If you’ve been infected by a malware like wanna cry and you’re a Memopal user, do not despair! You always have a clean copy of the file you need on the cloud without yielding to hacker blackmail. Ransomware, once on a network, also propagates without necessarily clicking on an e-mail attachment, so it is very important to constantly update the operating system. In fact, you should know that ransomware like Wanna Cry exploits known Windows bugs for which Microsoft periodically issues upgrade patches.

We feel obliged to give you some advice to be even safer.

Periodically install operating system updates

This is the official Microsoft link with the WannaCry patch:

Install anti malware software

We recommend Defenx Security Suite on a 30 days free trial version:

Setup your Cloud Backup with Memopal 

For you free 3GB of space:

Thanks to Memopal, you can restore a clean version of your files at any time inn the event of a ransomware attack.

2 programs to keep your computer safe

What software do you really need to protect your computer? We’ve identified 2 programs that keep your computer safe from anything untoward.

The first is Defenx Security Suite. It includes antivirus and anti-spyware protection, a firewall, and an intelligent anti-spam feature that learns how to identify which emails you don’t want to receive in your inbox, automatically marking them as spam. Thanks to the anti-spyware feature, all the information that you manage on your computer every day are safe, and no one other than you can access it.
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HummingBad Malware Returns Worse Than Ever Before

As stated by the security firm Check Point, there is a new malware referred to as the HummingBad that has infected more than 10m Android devices. The HummingBad virus has been reported to completely take control of tablets and smartphones, steal user information such as bank account passwords, email account and anything else needed for identity theft and sell the information. Cyber security researchers also indicated in their report that the HummingBad can automatically tap on unwanted adverts and download fraudulent applications.
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