How to retrieve files after taking the Wanna Cry ransomware

If you’ve been infected by a malware like wanna cry and you’re a Memopal user, do not despair! You always have a clean copy of the file you need on the cloud without yielding to hacker blackmail. Ransomware, once on a network, also propagates without necessarily clicking on an e-mail attachment, so it is very important to constantly update the operating system. In fact, you should know that ransomware like Wanna Cry exploits known Windows bugs for which Microsoft periodically issues upgrade patches.

We feel obliged to give you some advice to be even safer.

Periodically install operating system updates

This is the official Microsoft link with the WannaCry patch:

Install anti malware software

We recommend Defenx Security Suite on a 30 days free trial version:

Setup your Cloud Backup with Memopal 

For you free 3GB of space:

Thanks to Memopal, you can restore a clean version of your files at any time inn the event of a ransomware attack.

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